Harvesting birch sap part 1

Like so many times before, an idea spawned in my mind all of a sudden. This time I thought about harvesting birch sap. I could recall drinking a super fancy drink claiming to contain birch sap and that it was supposed to be super healthy, and I thought “how hard could it be”? I know of a few places where there’s a lot of birch growing that’s a little outside of where people usually wander. A perfect place for me to test my sap harvesting skills!

I got my knife, a few half litre bottles that were thoroughly rinsed, and some silver tape and I wandered into the forest. To be honest, I parked my car right next to the forest and walked for about 30 seconds until I found a decent sized birch that was just barely visible from the trail. I walked off of the trail towards the birch and started looking for a branch that was healthy and about the thickness of my index finger. Preferably one that sloped downwards because sap and gravity and such. The first tree didn’t have any branches that were suitable, most of them were to high for me to reach them, so I started looking around for another tree, the another, and another. I finally found one that was big enough, and with a branch that was thick enough, and I got to work!

I cut off the branch at a good spot, thread my bottle onto the branch and secured it heavily with silver tape.

I had to pull the branch down a bit and secure it to another stem with silver tape

Now we play the waiting game!

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