Cleaning a white tail

Nova is a really beautiful horse, with her white fur, silvery mane and shitstained tail… She has a tendency to push her ass against the wall in her box when she shits, and her stomach is easily upset. You get the idea. I must admit I’ve been a bit lazy […]

Schnitzel and salad

This is my new go-to recipe when I want a quick and healthy meal! Super easy, super fast, can easily be modified to make more exciting dishes!

What I learned from Paradise Parkour

What it was supposed to become We wanted to create a dedicated space for training parkour and other movement arts. Stavanger didn’t have one yet, and as far as I knew there wasn’t a single city in Norway that offered an indoor training space dedicated to Parkour. We wanted a […]

Harvesting birch sap part 1

Like so many times before, an idea spawned in my mind all of a sudden. This time I thought about harvesting birch sap. I could recall drinking a super fancy drink claiming to contain birch sap and that it was supposed to be super healthy, and I thought “how hard […]