Running MicroPython on TTGO LoRa32 board pt. 1

I’ve been using arduino for a while, and allthough I like it for what it is, I have fallen a little head over heels with python! So, when I finally found micropython and had an ESP32-board laying around, it was time to take the step into the big boy league […]

Detecting trajectory apex from barometric pressure in python

I’m trying to make a simple flight controller for a model rocket, and after some frustration around accelerometers and fin-controlling servos (another post coming on that later) I figured out I could work on a different phase of the flight instead: detecting the apex of the trajectory. To do that […]

Python on Android with pydroid 3

Recently I’ve found an interest in using python for programming the ESP32, and even though I have loads of ideas I am seldom able to spend hours in front of the computer unless it is work related. Luckily I came across pydroid 3, an app that lets me write python […]

Making spruce tip sirup

I’ve been lucky that I’ve grown up in northern Norway, with lots of days and nights spent outside in the forest and on mountains. My grandfather and my mother has passed down loads of knowledge about the flora and fauna, and I love being able to find useful plants outside. […]

Cleaning a white tail

Nova is a really beautiful horse, with her white fur, silvery mane and shitstained tail… She has a tendency to push her ass against the wall in her box when she shits, and her stomach is easily upset. You get the idea. I must admit I’ve been a bit lazy […]