How to turn on developer options on Android Lollipop

I recently got back from Greece, and while I were there an old idea got back into my notebook. I will present it to you when the time is right (and the prototype is ready), but for now, I will present a short video about Android and how to turn on the developer options.

The reason to turn on the developer options is to be able to install APK’s from untrusted sources. This sound scary, but it only means that you will be able to install Android applications that are not downloaded from Google Play. So if you or your friend is developing apps for Android and want to test it on your own physical device, you want to turn on the developer options.

This time I will present the how to with a video, and I’m thinking of making more videos showing how to use Android Studio and basics of Android programming. Feel free to browse my channel on youtube as more content is on its way.


And that’s it! Please give me any thoughts or comments in the comment section below!

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