Python on Android with pydroid 3

Recently I’ve found an interest in using python for programming the ESP32, and even though I have loads of ideas I am seldom able to spend hours in front of the computer unless it is work related. Luckily I came across pydroid 3, an app that lets me write python code on my phone and run it in an interpreter! Although I haven’t used it that much yet, except for testing out a few things for another project I’m looking at (first post coming soon), I must say I’m liking it so far!

Quick and dirty implementation of hangman in pydroid 3

The bottom bar has all the most common special characters you’ll need while writing python. It’s a nice option to have them there instead of finding them on the keyboard, but I find myself using the keyboard most unless the character is showing on the bar already. I haven’t found a way to remove the bar or hide it, but it doesn’t take too much screen estate to be much of a problem anyways.

Running hangman in the interpreter

Running the code is just like in any command window. It behaves exactly as I would expect it to behave on a laptop.

Another thing I found to be really cool with pydroid 3 is that it has pip! You can actually install a lot of the libraries you would need!


There is also support for creating GUI using pyqt or kivy, but I haven’t tried that yet. My use will for the most part be to create PoC for my ideas, but it is really a great tool for that use! It means I can test stuff out quickly when I have a few moments with only my phone, and then implement it later when I can spend time at my laptop!

Pydroid3 can be found here:

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