Runner’s knee

The summer is closing in, the weather is nice and I recently started running again! I decided I will attend the local half-marathon called 3 sjøersløpet in November. However, after a few short running sessions I got reminded of my injury from last years season.

I did a whole lot of running very fast without having the foundation for that amount of training, and I’m not surprised it acted out as it did. Anyways…

According to Runner’s world, a singular cause is not always easy to pinpoint. In my case, my doctor told me it probably was a bio-mechanical cause to the pain I was experiencing. My Iliotibial band might be a little tight and when you extend your foot the Iliotibial band has to slide past the outside of the knee. Since the band was a bit tight it got irritated after repetitive movements where it had to pass the knee (like it does while running).

iliotibial band

Source: moveforwardpt

DISCLAIMER: I’m not educated to give advice about medical stuff. I’m merely stating my understanding of what my doctor told me, and how I dealt with it.

My doctor recommended complete rest (as they normally do). In addition he gave me some stretching exercises to relieve some of the pain. My favourite one is probably well known to most of you:

seated pretzel


Just look how happy he is now that his Iliotibial band is releasing some of its tension!

I also looked around a little and found two videos:

and self-massage:

I recovered relatively fast using plenty of rest and a combination of stretching and self-massage. I hope this can be of value to others suffering from runner’s knee, and remember to start easy when you begin running again!


One of the fantastic benefits of having been to Sircus school is that I have been introduced to less known training methods […]

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