Harvesting birch sap part 1

Like so many times before, an idea spawned in my mind all of a sudden. This time I thought about harvesting birch sap. I could recall drinking a super fancy drink claiming to contain birch sap and that it was supposed to be super healthy, and I thought “how hard […]

What I learned from SkyDrone

I tried to create an online business with a good friend of mine. We outsourced the idea and failed! Here is our story and what we learned!

Short trailride with Bonavia

It took me a long time, but yesterday I finally found the guts to take Nova for a trailride again. I’ve been very on and off when it comes to riding her, especially after she started bucking in early December 2018. Our gut feeling was an aching back combined with […]

Riding a bear (or playing around with GIMP)

I’m playing around with GIMP (find it here) a bit at the moment. I figured out that being able to edit pictures, at least enhance them a bit, is a good skill to have. The first thing I tried out was to put myself on a bear, obviously. I present […]

Why am I writing a blog?

So you’ve managed to wander into this strange site on the interwebs, and you probably wander what the hell this is? I don’t blame you! Most of the time I’m not quite sure myself. If you’ve read the About page, you’ve learned a little bit about me. You’ve probably also understood that […]