Why am I writing a blog?

So you’ve managed to wander into this strange site on the interwebs, and you probably wander what the hell this is? I don’t blame you! Most of the time I’m not quite sure myself. If you’ve read the About page, you’ve learned a little bit about me. You’ve probably also understood that […]

Passive wiretap – how to make your own

My HR-manager proposed a device that could be installed on a network to capture traffic and send data to an attacker to be analysed offsite. To make this device he borrowed me his LAN tap from GreatScottGadgets (https://greatscottgadgets.com/throwingstar/) I figured I wanted to try to make my own, so here’s […]

WiFi deauthenticator – how to make your own

I surf around on reddit from time to time, and I found an interesting article on a Wifi deauthenticator. After reading it I figured this was something I wanted to have in my arsenal, so here’s how I made it. The cornerstone of this device is the ESP8266 WiFi development […]

Stuck in a rut

We’ve all been stuck in a rut from time to time. Sometimes it passes as soon as it comes, but other times it feels like you’re so stuck you just can’t get moving again. Here’s some reasons why we get stuck and some possible ways to get unstuck. Our lives need […]


One of the fantastic benefits of having been to Sircus school is that I have been introduced to less known training methods and equipment, and Rollabolla is definitely something I had never heard of before attending school! Rollabolla is one of the simplest and most effective training devices for balance […]